PHOTOSHOP - secrets and tips


How do I change the interface language?

What is it for?

Most Photoshop action and plugins can work correctly with the English interface only. So, if you are just starting to learn this program, do it immediately with the English interface.

Generally, making your photoshop multilingual is not a problem. You can change the language at any time.


So you can do it like this:


- Editing / Settings / Basic ... (Ctrl + K);

- In the window select: Interface - specify the language of the interface;

- Reload Photoshop.


Go to the folder where the program is installed, usually:

C: / Program Files / Adobe / Adobe Photoshop CC / Locales / ru_RU / Support Files and rename the file tw10428.dat, на bak.

Now we open Photoshop with English interface.

Unless other languages are installed in your Photoshop package, I can share my packages with my own upgrade archives!


Photoshop CS6 language pack: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian can be downloaded HERE.


Photoshop CS5 Language Pack: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian can be downloaded HERE.

The fastest way to correct white balance!


Very often, we take a photo and like it very much, but before pushing the camera button, we forget to correct the white balance and the photos turn out too blue or yellow. Of course, all these technical bugs are easy to fix in Lighproom or Camera RAW. But in this section, I'm talking about Photoshop - so I'll share my favorite technique.


Take my own photo as an example:

- add the "Curves" adjustment layer;

- in the menu through "ALT" we press the button "Auto";

- In variants of algorithms of work we find the one that finds the brightest and darkest tone of photography "Dark & ​​Light Colors".


And then Photoshop itself manages the curves and we get a quick result instantly!

The curves look in this particular photo, that's how the result of such a fast work suits me.


Of course, you can manually play with the curves, or choose a gray, white or black tone on the image - this is a very interesting process, and when we need to get the result very quickly - I rely on Photoshop algorithms.


I would be glad if you like this method too!