Caravella PINTA – 1492

Огляд набору:

The Pinta keel at my shipyard was laid on July 1, 2019, shortly after Victory was completed. After big projects, I just want to relax and pamper myself with something good and that is how Columbus Pinta has become for me. The project was suspended on September 5, 2019 indefinitely, since the model is in Kiev, and I changed my place of residence and physically took away the entire workshop with models at one time failed, but I hope to finish this beauty next year. Therefore, I will just show the process in order from unpacking the box to full readiness with a demo showcase. Unpacking the box and reviewing the kit and bundling I demonstrated in detail in the video review on my Youtube channel, so as not to take many photos with boring comments, so I invite you to view:

Boat hull assembly: